August 18, 2019 x

Brian Longmire

Brian Longmire,  locally raised on the wrong side of the bridge in Southampton, spent many years biking to school and all over town even winning the odd bicycle rodeo as a young man. I also spent many hours building and modifying bikes, no new off the shelf rides for me. After a quick college education and a few short years working in the city my wife and I returned to Saugeen Shores to raise a family, and raise a family we did, and continue to do so. With 7 kids, a mixture of biological and adopted. For the last 6 years I spent my early morning delivering info and hopefully entertainment as the morning host at 98 the Beach in Port Elgin.

Why I ride

I mainly ride because I was told to. But supporting healthcare close to home is important to me as my parents aged and passed locally and received great care right here at home. Now as I age and raise my large family we find we need the services of the hospital and it’s so important to have it here. As the local radio host it’s just one more way I can promote and support our area and the healthcare it has to offer. And I suppose it doesn’t hurt my own health to get out on the bike again.

Challenge Issued!

Once again I will be asking my loyal radio listeners to support my ride this year!