Question – Is there a fundraising minimum?

All participants should raise a minimum of $100 for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.
Every single fundraising dollar from this event goes towards the purchase of medical equipment! All costs to put on the ride are covered through sponsorship and registration fees. Please help us continue to achieve our goal!

Question – Where does the event take place?

In Southampton, Ontario! Located 3 hours northwest of Toronto, off the beautiful eastern shores of Lake Huron.

Question – Do you offer refunds?

Sorry but no refunds will be given. Tax receipts will be issued for all registrations.

Question – Where should I stay?

Check out our Community page for info

Question – What is the Post-Ride Picnic?

Be sure to stick around after you have finished your event and join us at the flagpole for the post-ride picnic. We will have a catered lunch and a beer tent.

Question – Which distance should I ride?

All distances offer some beautiful sights and a rest stop where snacks can be found. The Post-Ride Picnic runs from 11:30am – 1:30pm, so please ensure you can finish your distance by 1:30pm so that you can grab your meal.

Question – Is this a timed event?

No, the Gran Fondo Lake Huron is not timed. The primary focus is fun and fundraising for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital, while we encourage everyone to come out and challenge themselves, please remember to obey signs and signals of the road and signal your turns/stops when riding.

Friendly Reminders for the Gran Fondo Lake Huron

  1. All cyclists are to OBEY ALL SIGNS AND SIGNALS during the event. If a light is red you must stop, if there is a stop sign you must stop and look both ways.
  2. All cyclists MUST WEAR A HELMET to participate.
  3. Please SIGNAL your TURNS and STOPS whether you see a vehicle or not. This will help and encourage the other riders around you as well to do the same.
  4. Please bring your own bottles for your bike! We will have jugs at the rest stations to refill your bottles. Please do not throw away your bottles, clean and re-use them 😊

Questions on Fundraising

Question – How can I/someone donate?

Simply click donate in our menu and follow the instructions.

Question – Do I have to collect all my pledges online?

No – you may download the pledge sheet and attach the donation with the information to the sheet.  You can bring the pledge sheet in to the Foundation Office at any time and they will update your pledge page for you.  Or, you can bring the form with you to the Registration Desk on event weekend (at the Southampton Coliseum Annex) and they will update your pledge page at that time.