Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation welcomes Abraflex as the Paisley Rest Stop Host

Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that Abraflex has joined the Gran Fondo Lake Huron team as the host of the Paisley Rest Stop! Cyclists on the 70k, 110k, and 160k routes will be thrilled to be welcomed to the Paisley Annex for a lovely rest stop hosted by Abraflex.

Abraflex is a manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment to the nuclear power generation industry. Abraflex has evolved over the years as the times and needs for industrial solutions have changed.

As of 2017 Abraflex set up our full-time operations in Paisley, Ontario and supply the need for Personal Protective Equipment in the Nuclear Power Generation Industry, as well as the manufacture of Specialized Products including Piping, Gaskets, Wear Resistance, Rubber Lining and Material Handling services. They currently supply the Mark-III-B Hazmat Suit and Radiation and Contamination Protection Shields, Curtains, and Tents.

Abraflex as a company has a focus on their own as safety as well as the safety of our customers seriously and without exception.

The 2018 Gran Fondo Lake Huron is a new fundraising initiative for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation. Executive Director Sally Kidson states “We are very pleased to have Abraflex host our Paisley Rest Stop off-site at the Paisley Arena. Cyclists will enjoy walking along the edge of the river, wandering over the scenic bridges and possibly visiting the bakery during their 70, 110 or 160 rides. Having someone local from beautiful Paisley ensure that the rest stop will feature something unique for our cyclists.

For further information, please contact:
Sally Kidson, Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation 519-797-3230, ext. 3230
Desiree Norwegian, Owner/Treasurer, Abraflex (2004) Ltd. 519-709-3557