Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation welcomes Bruce Power as a Title Sponsor of the 160km Gran Fondo Ride

Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that Bruce Power has joined the Gran Fondo Lake Huron team as a Title Sponsor of the 160k Route!  The 160k Route includes a section through Tiverton and past the Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station.

Bruce Power donates over $1.3 million every year to community organizations and events.

Bruce Power uses the strength of our people and innovative technology to provide electricity to a third of the homes, businesses, schools and hospitals in Ontario.  In order to do this, they rely on the support and commitment of our surrounding communities and everyone that lives here. Given that, Bruce Power has a social responsibility to engage, assist and champion the needs and causes close to home.

“While generating electricity is our business, Bruce Power is a company powered by its people and our employees know the value of supporting our community and the things that are important to our community’s health,” said John Peevers, Manager, Communications and Media Relation, Bruce Power. “We’ve built a strong relationship the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation, having donated $1 million to the Hospital Campaign and supporting annual events as well.  “It’s exciting to see the Hospital Foundation branch out into a new, exciting event and we are pleased to support the Gran Fondo Lake Huron.  It’s pretty powerful stuff.”

The 2018 Gran Fondo Lake Huron is a new fundraising initiative for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.  Executive Director Sally Kidson states “We have just received an updated list of needs for equipment for the Southampton hospital and our share of costs for the Owen Sound Hospital.  Our overall annual goal is $500,000 with a specific goal of $150,000 for this ride.  It is a key component to ensuring we can purchase all that is required for the patients in Saugeen Shores and area.  We are excited to have Bruce Power joining us as a $10,000 sponsor and look forward to working with them to ensure the sponsorship is used to the max!  “Bruce Power has provided amazing support and energy to our Foundation”, states Jim Barbour, Foundation Chair.  “We are very grateful for that.”

For further information, please contact:

Sally Kidson, Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation 519-797-3230, ext. 3230

John Peevers, Corporate Affairs, Bruce Power 519-361-6583