Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation Announces The Society of United Professionals as a Platinum Sponsor of the 110k Distance

Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is very excited to announce that the Society of United Professionals is joining the Gran Fondo Lake Huron team as a title sponsor of the 110k Distance!

The Society of United Professionals Local 160 is proud to sponsor this year’s “Gran Fondo Lake Huron”.  This event covers a range of things that we are interested in promoting locally including health, exercise, sport and community building with proceeds going towards the Southampton Hospital.  Our congratulations go out to the organizers of this great event!

Executive Director Sally Kidson says, “We are really happy to have the Society join our Gran Fondo Team of Sponsors.  As a title sponsor of the 110k distance, the Society will receive 10 free registrations and we hope to see them with a team in the event.  We have lots of great prizes for top fundraisers and know that the Society will encourage their members to support the event by registering, cheering and volunteering.   Our go is to raise $150,000 with the Gran Fondo Lake Huron for priority medical equipment.  But it is a lot more than a fundraiser for the Foundation.  This event is for our entire community and beyond!”

Jim Barbour, Foundation Chair continues to be amazed and grateful for the community’s support  in becoming sponsors.  “I’d like to thank Eric and the members of the Society of United Professionals for choosing this event to sponsor.  It’s an important event for us and for the community.”

For further information, please contact:

Sally Kidson, Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation 519-797-3230, ext. 3230 or

Eric Tiisler, Chairperson, Society of United Professionals 519.361.2673 ext.17999