Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation welcomes Acuren Nuclear as a Silver Sponsor

Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that Acuren Nuclear Services  (ANS)has joined the Gran Fondo Lake Huron team as a Silver Sponsor.  ANS has over 200 dedicated employees who work together to support the integrity of industrial assets and, in this area, particularly in the field of Nuclear power generation.  Innovative, reliable, passionate and dedicated, ANS brings the word excellence into all that they do.

Locally, ANS has had an office in Port Elgin since 2008.  “Community engagement is very important to us”, states Michael Benham. “Becoming involved as a Gran Fondo Lake Huron silver sponsor and building a relationship with our local hospital to help keep health care close to home just makes sense.”

The 2018 Gran Fondo Lake Huron is a new fundraising initiative for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.  Executive Director Sally Kidson states “Every single sponsor is key to ensuring the success of the Gran Fondo and in turn, to keeping health care close to home for the people of our community.  The way that the Acuren Nuclear Services family cares about others makes this sponsorship a very special one.”

Acuren Nuclear has secured the last of 4 Silver Sponsorships that were available for the Gran Fondo Lake Huron.

For further information, please contact:

Sally Kidson, Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation 519-797-3230, ext. 3230