August 18, 2019 x

Our Fundraising Goals

Every single fundraising dollar from this event goes towards medical equipment. All costs to put on the ride are covered through sponsorship and registration fees. Please continue to help us achieve our goal!

Fundraising is a critical part of the Gran Fondo Lake Huron, presented by Bruce Power. The goal this year is for riders to raise $150,000 which will be used to purchase a portable ultrasound machine for the emergency dept., a patient wander safety system and two new hospital beds.

You’re not just riding your bike, you are saving lives! Fundraising is crucial to our healthcare system as the government does not fund the purchase of new medical equipment.

The dollars you raise could help a patient with Alzheimer’s enjoy independence and freedom rather than being confined to their room. The money you raise could help provide up to date ultrasound equipment that may provide the high quality imaging needed during a trauma that could save a life.

Your fundraising efforts can have a huge impact on the lives of people in our community, and the thousands of people who come to visit each year. Be a hospital hero! Start your fundraising today!

Portable Ultrasound

At some point in our lives we all use and experience healthcare in its most raw and organic form in the Emergency department. The emergency department is the first line of healthcare in a crisis or trauma. Physicians and nurses working in the emergency department are tasked with establishing a diagnosis and stabilizing a patient’s condition under stressful and often time sensitive situations.

Portable ultrasound technology is the new age “visual stethoscope” of healthcare. This equipment is highly sensitive and uses non-invasive technology that allows healthcare staff to not only quickly assess but also detect any abnormalities in emergent situations and in every day care.

Having portable ultrasound technology in the emergency department can help reduce delays and ensure high quality real time imaging at the bedside, which can be crucial when the difference in minutes can mean saving a life.

Patient Wander Safety System

Often times patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss have a tendency to wander. Statistics show that wandering is the single most critical worry for a caregiver and often times can lead to dangerous outcomes for those suffering from these types of conditions.

Having a patient wander safety system in place within the hospital would mean that patients who are risk of wandering can still enjoy some freedom and improved quality of life during their stay in our care. They can still be mobile and enjoy moving about out of their room with a reduced risk of accidentally leaving the facility. The patient wander safety system alerts staff if a wandering patient approaches an exit so that they can safely redirect them to more appropriate areas.

Your fundraising dollars would help ensure patients can enjoy mobility, independence and most importantly safety.

Hospital beds

New hospital beds are always on our list of much needed equipment as they are probably one of the most used items within any hospital. New beds not only allow patients to be comfortable during their stay but new beds also bring with them new technology. Hospital beds can be purchased with smart technology that can alert nursing staff when someone has gotten out of bed in the middle of the night which can help drastically reduce the risk of patient falls and improve patient safety.

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